Debut of “Ebb and Flow”, new music single release. 

M.A.S.C. competition announced winners!

I Got You received an honorable mention in POP category.

Perfect Fit received Finalist in Rock/Alternative category!

The awards ceremony will be held Sunday Jan. 19th, 2014 at Jammin' Java, 6 pm! More award announcements that eve!

Go to to become a member and get your ticket to the gala!

Checkout for December newsletter interview!

Checkout Matt Kacar's Artist Connection Podcast interview #162 with yours truly!

Washington area Music Association announced the winners for 2013 P.A.S.S. competition. (Professional Artist Support System)

I placed as a Finalist for my song, "Superstitious Mind".

I'll be receiving:

$250 prize

8 hours of recording time at a reputable D.C. recording studio

1 hour consult with a D.C. entertainment lawyer

1 hour consult with a D.C. manager

1 hour consult with a D.C. publicity expert

Very honored! Thank you WAMA! at 3 pm EST 8 pm EST  10 pm EST - lisa_lim

"My Perfect World" added to RADIO HOLSTEBRO 97,4 MHZ playlist!

"Broken Promise Blues is #3 most requested song on Sound Machine Radio!"

"WTFE Radio adding Perfect Fit to their playlist!"


"Lisa Lim & Don Chapman perform at the World Folk Music Alliance showcase!"

"WIPZ -University of Wisconsin - Parkside added tracks from new cd release to their rotation. "

"Cerphe's Progressive Show on EcoPlanet Radio airing I Got You!"

" adding Superstitious Mind. "

"Indie Music Sampler adding music from Lisa Lim's new self titled cd release!"

"New music review by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor @ 2011 Keeping The Alive Award Recipient "Our River" is where Lisa intends to one day reunite with those loved ones who have given her comfort and guidance before departing from her life - her parents and grandparents. If those words sounded beautiful and emotional when you read them, just wait till you hear the song. I've listened to it so many times now and each time had me shaking my head in awe. Everything about this song is perfect: the inspiration; the lyrics; the way it's being sung; the way it's being performed; the heart pounding rhythm; the soothing and hymn like sounds of the organ; the angelic sounding backup vocals; and the fierce, yet spiritually influenced guitar leads. Unbelievable! This isn't just song of the year material, it's song of a lifetime caliber.""

"KEOS-FM College Station - Bryan Texas adding tracks from Lisa Lim self titled release. "

"Receiving airplay on Deep Blues Radio in Germany!"

"FRED FM 96.5 Radio adds songs from Lisa Lim's new cd release in rotation!"

"Radio Trent in the UK airing tracks from Lisa Lim new cd music release!"

"Lisa Lim shares the stage with Don Chapman & Firefall's Larry Burnett at the "Acoustic On The Green Concert Series!""

- Acoustic On The Green Concert Series (Aug 03, 2013)

"KCOR, Kansas City Online Radio adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit and Broken Promise Blues. "

"Magic 91.9 - WAPX-FM - FM 91.9 - Clarksville, TN adds Superstitious Mind and Broken Promise Blues, "

- WAPX - FM (Aug 01, 2013)

"Common Nonsense Radio adding tracks from Lisa Lim new cd release!"

"WUVT-FM Virginia Tech University airing music from Lisa Lim's new cd release!"

"Hello, we think your music rocks! Your track "Perfect Fit" and "Distant Second" will be added to WOCY-DB Urock Network Radio You can tune into the Playlist at, it is broadcast at 128kps streaming quality Additionally your music will be added to The Urock Network library that can be requested and dedicated on Facebook. The library is also available at the library serves our Network Affiliates as a reliable source of new music to keep their playlist current. Thanks and Rock On!!! Urock Radio Network"

"Smart FM adds Superstitious Mind, Distant Second, Broken Promise Blues and Perfect Fit!"

- Smart FM Radio (Jul 29, 2013)

"Find Indie Music airing Superstitious Mind!"

"BRCFP Radio adds tracks from Lisa Lim's new cd release!"

" adds Superstitious Mind to their rotation."

"91.5 WMFO, Freeform college radio station serving Tufts University and the Medford, Massachusetts area adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit and Broken Promise Blues. "

"Radiotrent in the UK airing tracks from Lisa Lim's new cd release!"

"Indie Showcase airing tracks from Lisa Lim's new cd release!"

"Jivewired/Jivewired Radio adds Lisa Lim's new release!"


"WSHA 88.9 FM Shaw Radio in Raleigh, NC airing Broken Promise Blues!"

"Lisa Lim opens for Albert Castiglia at Old Town Theater!"

- Capital Entertainment (Jul 19, 2013)

"TV Enschede FM adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit and Broken Promise Blues!"

"Crossing The Void Radio adds Broken Promise Blues, Superstitious Mind and Perfect Fit to their airplay!"

"Lisa Lim's Superstitious Mind topping the charts on New Indie Music site!"


"Double Bill with Lisa Lim & Duffy Kane sharing the stage in Frederick, MD at Jekyll & Hyde's!"
- Q Entertainment (Jul 06, 2013)

"Northwest station KAOS 89.3 FM adds Lisa Lim's new cd release to their library for airplay!."

"KTEP FM Radio El Paso, TX adds Superstitious Mind!"

"Bourbon to Beale adds Superstitious Mind and Broken Promise Blues!"

" airs Broken Promise Blues!"

"Neueregel Radio airing Perfect Fit!"

"Lisa Lim is featured artist for Radio Submit's first week of July 2013!"

" featuring new music from Lisa Lim on their June 28th segment!"

"Lisa Lim delivers infectious blues based rock! "What do you get when you take some sweet blues, blend it with powerhouse vocals and top it with some rockin guitar? Well the incredible music of Lisa Lim, that is what. You can’t help but move to the great groove that Lisa gives out with her songs especially like “Superstitious Mind” or “Distant Second”. Her sound reminds me of an edgier Sheryl Crow sprinkled with Susan Tedeschi. Lisa delivers passionate vocals and amazing guitar work, truly a work of art! Lisa is a WAMA nominated singer-songwriter and she recently released her second CD, self titled, which you are going to really love! Check out the interview we had with Lisa and learn more about this killer rocker blues artist!""

"June 26th, 2013 Blues With Russell Show features all 12 tracks on Lisa Lim's new self titled cd release!"


"Monday-Morning-Blues adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit and Broken Promise Blues. "

" adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit and Broken Promise Blues. "

" adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit and Broken Promise Blues."

"What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music? " Live performances are my favorite way of promoting my music! There’s an energy and natural buzz that comes along with being onstage interacting with the audience and engaging with my band members. It’s the most amazing feeling! There’s nothing like it!""

"LISA LIM Delivers Fully-Charged, Blues-Dipped Rockers! “Lisa Lim” is an album filled with fully-charged, blues-dipped rockers and heartrending ballads that show off, respectively, the gutsier and softer side of Lim’s vocal ability, plus a series of emotive solos and riffs shaped by her uncanny dexterity on guitar." "

"Rocker's Dive radio airing music from Lisa Lim's new cd release!"

"Lisa Lim – Phenomenal Guitarist Shares Energetic Sophmore Album "The music industry has exploded into an even more crowded world with the independent artists now able to get their music right alongside the big players on sites like iTunes and Amazon. What this really means is that a musician has to make a statement and stand out from the crowd even more than ever. Talent is of course a necessity, but blazing a new path will help immensely. Our latest find, Lisa Lim, has both going for her." "

", UK based adds Broken Promise Blues, Superstitious Mind, Distant Second, Perfect Fit to playlist!"

"A great CD of a vital and inspired musician backed by an excellent band. Lisa Lim rocks!"

" "Let Go" airing on June 17, 2013 playlist for "Somethin' Else" on KTUH Honolulu 90.3 FM. "Somethin' Blue" which airs on KTUH Honolulu 90.3 FM every Thursday at 9:00 AM HST."


"The Penguin Rocks Radio adds new music from Lisa Lim's self titled release!"

"Lisa Lim performs at Southern MD Sun & Fun Music Fest!"

- SOMO Sun & Fun Music Festival (Jun 16, 2013)

"I want fans to be able to take each song and be able to relate to it from their own life experiences." - Lisa Lim -

"Big Audio Radio adding Superstitious Mind and Broken Promise Blues!"

"HeyZRadio adds Lisa Lim's new cd release to playlist!"

"Lisa Lim into Power rotation this AM. Superstitious Mind & Broken Promise Blues have been added to 1RockFm WorldWide ! Listening to Broken Promise Blues right now on the station, Sounds Great! Keep Rockin’ Loud ! Best Wishes, Randy"

"Sound Machine Radio adds Perfect Fit to its playlist!"

"Feature on Lisa Lim's new album on WLRH this Saturday 6/15/2013. Tracks: Broken Promise Blues Denial Please, Please Don't Go Superstitious Mind "This is a very solid release. I like Lisa's restraint in not overdoing everything, both vocally and as a soloist. The production is large and serves as a good frame for her vocals. Nice work." - Dave Gallaher Talkin' the Blues with Microwave Dave Saturdays, 8-9pm WLRH 89.3 FM 256-895-9574 "

"Lisa Lim shows she is the leading the pack on self titled album!"

"Lisa Lim’s self-titled album stays strong throughout each cut, and it is the wide variety of approaches taken by Lim that provide this release with considerable vitality. The album establishes Lim as a bold and inspired female, supported by musicians of the highest caliber. Further information about Lisa Lim, live dates, and photos can all be found at Lim’s website." Top Tracks: Superstitious Mind, Broken Promise Blues Rating: 8.7/10 Lisa Lim S/T CD Review / 2013 Self /


"Somethin'Else" on KTUH Honolulu 90.3 FM. "Somethin' Blue" which airs on KTUH Honolulu 90.3 FM every Thursday at 9:00 AM HST airing Manic Energy!

"KRCL, Red, White And Blues show airing music from Lisa Lim new cd release. "

"Hammered by the Blues with John 'Blueshammer' Hammer on KRUE 1170 AM every Sunday night at 10 pm airing music from Lisa Lim new cd release. "

"Blues Audience Radio show airing music from Lisa Lim new cd release. "

"KIT21 adds music from new Lisa Lim cd release to their playlist!"

"Select All Star Radio adds music from new Lisa Lim cd release to their playlist!"

"ROCK'N'ROLL IN MY SOUL The alternative to pop autotune|Spreading the word on unsigned talent Friday’s Five #14 June 7, 2013 Rudeina · Artists · Friday's Five Here’s this week’s top five… as always, in no particular older. Something special about this bunch though! Check it out! Lisa Lim – Superstitious Minds Lisa Lim brings suave bluesy bass lines and driving, mucky guitars to ‘Superstitious Minds’ – a commanding mix only conquered by her vocal – an intrepid dose of melody and rasp creating a sound that is genuinely rock’n’roll."

"Roots Music Express Radio Show adds Broken Promise Blues to their playlist!"

"Lisa Lim’s tasteful prowess on guitar is only surpassed by her steadfast rock arrangements and songwriting. If you’re into guitar that carries on the tradition of the masters, this album’s for you. If you’re just into some good old blues rock, this album’s also for you too!"

"Xtrasound Radio adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit & Broken Promise Blues to their playlist! "

"Gold Radio Network Blues, Downtown Deb Blues Show adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit & Broken Promise Blues to their playlist! "

"Blues Train Radio adds Broken Promise Blues to their playlist!"

"Black n Blues Radio adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit, Broken Promise Blues to their playlist! "

"Blues City Radio adds both Superstitious Mind and Broken Promise Blues to their playlist! "

" "Midnight Special Blues Radio" adds "Broken Promise Blues" to their playlist! "

"Top Blues Radio adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit, Broken Promise Blues to their playlist! "

"Severn FM Radio adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind, Perfect Fit, Broken Promise Blues to their playlist! "

"Monday Morning Blues Radio adds Superstitious Mind to their playlist!"

" has added "Superstitious Mind Official video to their website and has added Superstitious Mind and Broken Promise Blues to their playlist!"


" Radio adds Distant Second, Superstitious Mind & Perfect Fit to their playlist! "

"LISA LIM KILLER BLUES & ROOTS ROCK .... very NICE..... Listen to Lisa Lim as she bends the strings. Her new music is being released using Radio Submit for radio presentation. LISA LIM MUSIC Written By: Shane Cody, RMR & RS Radio Submit News!"

Fredericksburg, VA-- To make a mark in the music industry, you have to stand out; instead of following trends, conforming to molds, and parroting other artists (no matter how good they are or how legendary they may be), you have to blaze paths. On May 30th, Lisa Lim, guitar magazine columnist (Premier Guitar, Guitar Girl) and National Guitar Workshop faculty member, will release her self-titled sophomore album, and show you why she stands in a class all her own.


Learn more about this 30 day Kickstarter Campaign for Lisa Lim's upcoming cd release and all the cool perks that come with contributing to this project!

Lisa Lim joining Don Chapman performing in an acoustic format in 2013!

Lisa Lim will be performing at GHS/ Rocktron Stage on Thursday Jan. 24th & Friday Jan. 25th at 2013 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim Convention Center! Checkout NAMM website for performance times. 

Lisa Lim joins Guitar Girl Magazine as a contributing editor and writer! Checkout

Checkout Lisa Lim's instructional column in Premier Guitar Magaizine's July 2012 issue. "Saying More With Less!"

Catch Lisa Lim's hour long interview and music showcased on John Darlington Radio Show on Saturday June 2nd, 2012 at 6 pm!

Lisa Lim Band shares the stage with Duffy Kane & Devon Allman's Honeytribe at Maryland Theater in Hagerstown, MD. Sunday March 25th, 2012!

Lisa Lim Band returns to perform at Montpelier Wine Festival in Montpelier, Va. on May 5th, 2012 at 2 pm!

Lisa Lim Band & Trible Cobra share the stage with Billy Woodward & The Senders CD release party at Black Cat in D.C. on Saturday April 7th, 2012 !

Catch Heliarc Guitars endorsed artist Lisa Lim live demos at Anneheim, Ca. Conventer Center during Winter Namm 2012 show on Thursday Jan 20th, Friday Jan 21st & Saturday Jan 22nd, 2012!

Catch GHS endorsed artist Lisa Lim slated for artist signing at Winter Namm show 2012 at Anneheim, Ca. Convention Center on Friday January 20th, 2012!

Lisa Lim Band is going strong with Joel Torrey on bass/vocals & newest members Thomas Ross Johansen on keys/vocals & Tommy Castro's veteran drummer Scott Rabino! New cd in the works to be released in Summer 2012! Keep an eye on schedule for cool venues, festivals and events performance.

Taylor guitars is currently building a K26 CE for me. Looking forward to adding it to my collection of Taylor guitars and it becoming a part of my performance arsenal! Honered to be a Taylor Guitars endorsed artist!

Please checkout Taylor Guitars website at

Lisa Lim & Over The Limit opened up for legendary surf guitarist Dick Dale at Capital Ale Music Hall in Richmond Va. on Oct. 28th. What a great time! Dick's band and family are 1st class all away. A distinct honor & pleasure. And Capital Ale Music Hall is always accomodating. Many thanks!

Please checkout this cool new guitar company based out of Santa Ana, Ca. You can catch me gigging with a Heliarc B52! Great guitar! Honored to be a part of the Heliarc family!

Please checkout Heliarc Guitars website at:

What a blast getting to perform with one of my guitar heroes, legendary Tom Principato! Tom & I shared the stage and traded guitar licks on Oct. 2nd at JV's in Falls Church, Va. for a Dueling Guitars Showcase. Please checkout his website and purchase his new cd, "A Part Of Me".

I'm honored to announce that I have become a part of Paul Reed Smith Guitars family of artists! PRS built me a Custom 24 electric over the summer! Come catch it in action at one of my shows! Please checkout PRS website at:

Also, PRS artist page at:

Lisa Lim is honored to endorse Source Audio Pedals & Levy's Leathers products! Please checkout their links and products.


Another great year teaching at National Guitar Workshop's session! Blues Performance and special interest classes. Made alot of new friends and got to reconnect with some amazing students and players! Honored to be a part of the faculty at NGW!

"Limalola", featuring Gaye Adegbalola & Lisa Lim performed at Tinner Hill Blues Festival in Falls Church, Va. on June 11th. Appreciate everyone who works so hard to put these events together and tremendous appreciation for all the music enthusiasts that continue to support live music!

BMA award winner & founding member of Saffire, "Uppity Blues Women", Gaye Adegbalola & axe slinger Lisa Lim come together to collaborate in their new duo project, "Limalola"!

Article written by Sarah Miller in The County Times

Lisa Lim has been included in the roster of artists endorsing KJL amplifiers! Checkout

Now available, Texas Customs, Lisa Lim Signature edition strat pickups & loaded pickguards! Checkout for more info. Available in white or black color with gold signature. Purchase in set of 3 or in loaded custom pickguard.

Pickups also available directly thru Lisa Lim. Email for more info.

Lisa Lim will be returning to National Guitar Workshops 2010 summer session at McLean, Va. campus teaching Blues Core & special interest classes! Checkout for more info on classes, schedules & locations throughout the U.S. Plus a list of amazing national guest artists that will be performing & offering special clinics!

Lisa Lim & Over The Limit, featuring Lisa Lim, Tom Maxwell, Wolf Crescenze & Mikey O' Donnell are kicking out rockin' roots blues r&b high energy get up and dance originals & cover tunes! This is a new project that launched late 2009 and is gigging on a steady basis!

Lisa Lim joins forces with Hot Rods & Old Gas! Featuring on guitar & vocals Andy Poxon, Tom Maxwell, Lisa Lim, Zach Sweeney on guitar, Steve "Wolf" Crescenze on bass & Mikey O'Donnell on drums! Checkout for more info and performance dates!
Checkout to see Texas Customs product line and the artists Lisa Lim is joining in endorsing their fine guitars!
The Lisa Lim Band will be hosting & providing backline for Va. Go Girls Music Chapter Open Mic Night at Yakadoo's the 2nd Thursday of each month! For ages 21+. All styles welcomed. Bring your instrument & voice. Let's jam! Jam starts at 8 p.m.
Lisa Lim receives a 2008 Washington Area Music Association nomination for best blues traditional r&b recording. WAMA Awards ceremony to be held February 15th, 2009 at The State Theatre in Alexandria, Va.
Lisa Lim is heading up the Virginia Go Girls Music Chapter. Become an Elite member today at and participate in showcases and gig swaps. Also, become a friend of Virginia Go Girls Chapter at
Lisa Lim has joined in the cause with the organization in helping find missing persons and assisting in bringing closure to families effected by the dissapearance of a loved one. Checkout this worthy cause that so many artists are assisting with at
Lisa Lim is proud & honored to endorse Retro-Sonic Effect Pedals, Taylor Guitars, Pedaltrain Pedalboards, Spectraflex Cables, Amptopper Products & G7th Capos!
Daisy Rock Welcomes New Artists Lisa Lim and Trusting Lucy LOS ANGELES, CA – July 15th, 2008 Daisy Rock is excited to announce two talented new additions to their growing roster of artists: Lisa Lim and Trusting Lucy. With styling influenced by blues and country legends alike, Lisa Lim first entered the music scene in 2007 with her debut release “Crazy Feelin’ This Way”. Gigging regularly and teaching guitar for over 15 years at Lim’s Music, Lisa continues her accomplishments in the industry now as a Daisy Rock endorsee. Preparing their upcoming self produced and self-recorded 12-song CD to be released later this year, Trusting Lucy’s Lisa and Linda are no strangers to the industry. Their music has been described as a mix of soulful introspective ballads, straight-on, hook driven melodic pop, and forceful rock tunes sung with powerful distinctive voices and incredible harmonies. Playing around different cities in California this summer, Daisy Rock is very pleased to support Trusting Lucy in all their newest endeavors. Daisy Rock offers a complete line of girl guitars designed to look and sound great, and to fit the female form. To learn more about Daisy Rock endorsed artists, and to view Daisy Rock’s entire line of guitars, visit now! To learn more about Daisy Rock artist Lisa Lim, visit To learn more about Daisy Rock artists Trusting Lucy, visit ABOUT DAISY ROCK GUITARS Daisy Rock is the original girl-guitar company dedicated to successfully supplying and marketing pro-quality guitars for females. The company is led by its President, Tish Ciravolo, and co-owned and distributed by Alfred Publishing. Daisy Rock’s ongoing mission is to provide females of all ages with whatever it takes to learn to play guitar and enjoy music. Daisy Rock has established and continues to strengthen its reputation as “THE female guitar company.” Daisy Rock, its talented management team, and its products have been continuously featured in worldwide mainstream media, including People, Time, Newsweek, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, VH1, the Premier Radio Network, BBC Radio, the Associated Press, etc. The company was founded solely by Tish Ciravolo in October 2000. DAISY ROCK CONTACT: Jessica Murillo Artist Relations and Marketing Coordinator P: 818-891-5999 ext. 285 F: 818-895-5301
Press Release GHS Artists to play the Blues! Guitarists Lisa Lim and Michael Tash to perform shows together at local DC clubs. Washington, DC, April 28, 2008: GHS endorsed guitarists Lisa Lim and Michael Tash (of the Bad Influence Band) will be performing shows together over the summer to show how GHS strings play the blues! Lim and Tash will perform at JV's in Arlington, VA on July 5, 2008 and again at Bangkok Blues on August 22, 2008. More shows are to be announced shortly. Lisa Lim is a well respected singer/songwriter multi instrumentalist and gifted music instructor. She's known for her fierce lead, slide and rhythmic guitar playing that will leave you breathless!. The Lisa Lim Band features GHS endorsed guitarist/vocalist Lisa Lim, Brian Schebish(Bass/Vocals) & Steve Brennan (Drums). The Bad Influence Band features GHS and Epiphone endorsed guitarist Michael "Jr" Tash, Roger "Pork Chop" Edsall (Harp/Vocals), Bob Mallardi (Bass/Vocals), & David Thaler (Drums). Their Wammie award winning CD, Tastes Like Chicken, was produced by Timm Biery at Go Digital Studios in Beltsville, MD. Bad Influence is endorsed by GHS Strings, Epiphone Guitars, Kustom Amplifiers, Peavey Electronics, Slingerland Drums, Levy's Leathers, and Hohner Harmonicas. Please check their sites at & for touring and booking information. Badblues Records P. O. Box 266 Germantown, MD 20875 USA Phone 301-972-4270
Check out these stations to hear more of Lisa Lim's music! In France: In The Netherlands: In France: In Texas:
Lisa Lim just released her debut blues funk debut cd "Crazy Feelin' This Way". It's now available for purchase on
Lisa Lim is one of 20 artists and bands who participated on Illumina Records Va. Rocker's For Life 2007 Cd Compilation to help raise awareness and prevention against drunk driving. To purchase a cd contact Lisa Lim at
Check out these radio stations for current airplay: on Bluzzradio on the Local Music Cafe on Helsinki's Blue's Cafe for original tunes by Lisa Lim.
Lisa has built quite the collection of fine guitars and cool musical gear. Here, you will learn about the gear she uses when performing and teaching.
Lisa Lim was interviewed in Spring of '06 for a book Sue Foley is writing compiling interviews of female musicians and their impact past and present in the music industry. Check out for more info.

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