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Amazing! Saw you at Colonial Tavern. What a treat!
see you @ malones
Hi Lisa! So great to see you on True Fire. Just voted for you! We met a few times at the Zoo Bar. I live near there. If you are interested in more students, please let me know! I am CEO and founder of a digital learning platform called Delight Me. Happy 2016! www.delightme.com Marie-Louise
Hi Lisa. Great stuff! Voting early and often!
Enjoyed your mad skills at 219!
rockin! heard her first on live365.com Blues in the Burg channel. great sound!
My wife and I heard you for the first time at the Tally Ho tonight (8/23/14). We think you are amazing. The crew had the volume turned up way too loudly. It took some enjoyment away from your performance I've never heard a guitarist be able to play so many different styles. That will keep you fresh by not limiting your self and music style. I'm 61 years old and could pick many of them out It would be nice to hear a few solos from the rest of you band as well, especially a few more licks from your drummer...a little more heart if you would to. The drummer is good but sounded as if reading music. Free them up a little. Don't worry, they won't outshine you. You will go far especially if you take care of your health. Many artists ruin their health and especially their voices and stamina by smoking. Look at Peter Noone today. He sounds great as ever. Compare him to his peers! The longer you can perform the more generations you will reach. I don't know how you keep your guitar so nice. You gave it a work out. Could you tell me what strings you use? They hung in there with all of the bending and rapid picks. I will be telling all of my old fart rock and rollers about you and introduce your music to an excellent music store, "Ear Food" in Winchester VA. I still like vinyl and discs, not much on digital anything. Thanks so much for entertaining my wife and I. We could have listened to you all night!
Love and respect Lisa
Last night I went to JV's to see Lydia Warren and Matt Kelley and what I found was Lisa Lim! A meek little girl in the bar walks on to the stage and turns into a beast with an axe! An amazing guiatarist and musician/artist!! Im a fan!
sounds Great! possibly hook up and record an Album/CD together, then tour n promote it. whatd'ya think? Hank
Great discovering a new artist. My work is on Facebook at PHOTOROCK-USA. Looking forward to capturing your show Friday at the Sunset Concert Festival, St. Charles, MD.
I enjoyed your performances at the Epicure Cafe and 219.
Love the disc Lisa!
Hey, great stuff! Fantastic voice, and real talent playing, not to mention some really moving lyrics! Look forward to hopefully seeing you in the Motor City, will be spreading the word!
heard you in Elblicott city tonight. you were great!
Hey Lisa!!I sat in and played drums with you down at open mike night a few times down at leanordtown md. a couple years ago.Big,ugly guy with a white beard!! Still playing with 90 Proof Band up here in Leesburg Va. Sorry I missed you Jan 10th up here,but we were also playing..Liking the new tunes on the website,superstitious mind rocks out!!! Hope to catch a show soon!!!
Lisa. Great stuff! You are a talented rockin' woman. Caught you a few times here in Fredericksburg. Good to see you breaking out. B
Sounds Great, Lisa.!.
Tonight in german blues radio ---) LISA LIM www.deep-blues.de 9 pm I will play Lisa Greetings Marc
Yo! This new website rocks, lady!! Nice work!
Caught you at JV's on a Monday night. I couldn't believe my ears! I bought your CD. I'll buy your new one too. Keep the light shining bright Lisa!
ROCKIN Hot tunes. Best of luck with your new CD.. Have heard you at several locals and always a great show!
Lisa, you have developed into the great guitarist, I always knew you would be. So very impressed by your committment and all the lives you have touched in such a powerful positive manner. So very proud and honored to call you a friend of mine. Keep on jammin
Hope to see you at L & B April 6th. I hope we can work out a Jam. Peace David
Just checking out you web place
Well since this is the guest book, thought i'd just say hi and Lexy was here. Lol. Oh! And I miss seein you and the band and gang! I will make it a New Years resolution to catch you all in VA. Can't wait to hear the new CD! You rock! And you blues! =) Everybody - you need to get out and catch a show. Lisa is amazing!
I first heard Lisa Lim in a small hole in the wall in Occoquan and immediately wondered "what is a talent like that doing here?". Since that time, I have had the distinct privilege of being a student of Lisa's. While I still can't actually say "I'm a musician" I do attest that I would never be where I am musically without her guidance (and patience). Lisa is an incredible musician and if you have an opportunity to hear her live before she goes "viral" you should definitely try to get out to one of her performances ~ you'll be as amazed as I was. It's a great time ~ every time!
Apporpot of your 9/14 Sully's gig: HOW GREAT THINE ART; may a wide audience take it to heart!!! Cheers, The Geez In The Jager Hat
Hi Lisa, I just happened to stumble accross you on some guitar page and thought, my goodness you look like my wife,spitting image, she is short too. My wife said you mabee a long lost sister,ha,ha, but seriously we thought we would visit your site and have a listen. Iam a singer guitarist myself but mainly country. Love your songs,top stuff, keep it up.Wish we were in America as we would come and see the show. Cheers Clint & Cheryl, Australia.
Finally had a chance to catch the band last night at CT. Have to say...you all ARE great - just like I've heard. And Joel, thanks for the use of your amp. Great tone!
Saw you at The Lighthouse in Colonial Beach and the show was spectacular. Too bad the town sucks.
Hope you are doing well!
Lisa, Met you at Yak ka doos when filled in with the all girl band
Droppin by to see and say wassup!
Say you recently at Martini's in White Plains, MD - really enjoyed the show!
Hi Lisa! It'salways a pleasure to hangout and play with you. Man, what a treat!
Heard the band the first time tonight at Down Under in Occoquan, VA. Haven't heard licks like that since I lived in the South as a younger man. Lisa and crew were layin' it down!
I saw you yesterday at Maddigan's You guys were GREAT. I'm still telling friends about that crazy women trying sing with you guys. I sent an email to Maddigan's to have them book you guys more. Good Luck JACK.........
Lisa...you are quite ambitious & solidly professional. I'm building a music business, and would love to have your feedback. It is an on-line global musuic resource guide (City by City, 48 US & 52 overseas), which prints/is released every fall to Borders & Amazon. I'm off to =search for your calender... Musically Yours, I am Chard 410-279-6886
When are you coming to Chicago? The Blues are calling you home.
Looking at your site, I really do want to be like you when I grow up. Cars and guitars, what a life.
Lisa lim is a surprise in the local music pool. A polished lead/slide guitarist with great singing ability. Her songwriting skills are very developed. A must see performance.
I am originally from the Fredericksburg area also. Have lived all over, but now live in NW DC. I am a violinist/fiddler. I see you are at the Zoo bar on the 29th. I live close to that and will plan to stop by!
Sounds awesome
Your an awesome person and an incredibly gifted musician. What an inspiration to my son and other aspiring musicians. Throughout his lessons you have left us both in "AWE"! Thank You.
girl can still rock.nice to see you still love muscle cars. what ever happened to the trans am back in the day? sorry we lost touch
Really enjoyed your class at National Guitar Workshop - i hope they keep bringing you back!
I've been playing electric guitar for many many years, and I'm finally getting into blues genre. I'm based in NOVA as well. I saw your video on Youtube, and I must say it was so powerful and energeric. Keep that Stratocaster rocking! Jimmy Lee www.myspace.com/jimmyleeband
Hey Lisa! really enjoyed sitting in Thursday night.It was cool with all the great local musicians we know and love showing up. I'll be talking with you soon!
Nice Mr. Charlie last night! I haven't heard that in Occoquan, ever. Hope you will be in the area soon. Annie
Walked up the block last night because I heard the band at the Down Under was much better than what I was sitting through. I was blown away 3 steps in the door with the band covering SRV. It was quite an upgrade.
THanks for putting on a great Open Mike. I look forward to another soon. Please put me on your mailing list for future performances. Thanks again. Ken
Damn Cuz you look good! Glad to see you performing! Rock on!
Heard you were nominated for a Wammie!! Congrats!! That is awesome- your hard work is paying off. Wishing you the best for '09 and beyond.
Hey, I am a song writer also,If you are looking for any ideas just drop me a line.You guys rock.Rick
Lisa, you and your band are the greatest. Fun seeing you all at Bangkok Blues. Awesome show. Loved the hats too. Have a great holiday.
Hello.... Would love to check out a live show! You're a great player!See you soon!! Peace
Hi Lisa.Bad Dog Blue´s on F1 radio today. Very Nice. Thank You. Your guitar it´s so Best.Many greetings from Czech.
Hahaha! Anytime anyone screams "Play some Skynard" at my gigs, I play "Curtis Lowe"...you can tell they don't really know much about Skynard because they don't recognize it, but they can't say I didn't do what they asked. Enjoyed checking out your website. Hope to work with you as another GoGirl in Virginia! All my best for your continued success, Broda
Lisa and the guys. Fabulous job last night at Bangkok Blues. Fire the sound dude, and just let 'er rip.
Saw your show for the first time at Yak a Doo's with my friend Patty! You were awesome!!! Never seen a female play the lead guitar as great as you did! Please keep me updated when you are around. Keep playing those blues.
The Phoenix has risen again. Long time no hear I have been trying to get a hold of you my daughter will be 12 and wants guitar leessons I wanted to know if you still do that. Let me know. Donnie
Lisa Nice sounds, well done Stic
Hi Lisa, Great web site! Hope to see you soon! I looked over your calendar. I will try and make it out soon to watch you play!!! Hope all is well. Jeanette
I think your drummer is awesome, I wish I had his talent. He is a true artist. I admire his showmanship and style. GO STEVE!!! Keep the hair, it is so sexy. I just love it...............
Hi Lisa, this site is very nice. I love the music and the pic with your guitars. wow!!! Many greetings from germany Horst
Lisa, We really enjoyed you and your band Sat. night at the grapevine. You are so talented. I wish the best things for you. Glann has the best things to say about you. What a sweet and nice friend you have. I will be at some of your other shows. I really enjoy your music. So glad I got your cd. Maria
Hi Lisa...Noticed where you registered at Supertraxxradio.com and I just wanted to welcome you aboard..When you get a chance, send us some music and I'll get it on the air for you...
that Kramer looks awfully familiar....
I have been listening to your music girl. You Rock!!! Is that you singing?? Wow, I can't get over how you still look like my bud Lisa...Miss Ya! and Great to hear from you...Karen
I was strolling the net for new music and came upon your site . sounds great make your way to canada eh!!
Hey shorty! Nice site. The world is waiting for the Lisa Lim CD to drop and I'm already in line for the first copy. It's a true pleasure playing amd making music with you. Here's to much more to come............Dave
Love the new site! Big hugs... Ali

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